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Doctor Feel Good, Help Me.She's Got Lips Like A Seditive.Inspired by the JESS layouts.
Spiff, my name's Claire. It takes four hands to count my age. I once dated Batman, but then I ran off with Catwoman, because I realized she was more my type. I'm from Florida, in the States. I soak up the sunshine, and still remain pale. Like a champ. I'm a Feminist, and an avid lover of True Crime. You can often see me either with my nose in a book, eyes glued to a tv, or focused on listening to music. I'm a companion of the Doctor. I drive a blue telephone box. True story. I love big cities. One day I'll pack a backpack and travel all over Europe until my shoes develop holes. I'm a liberal, but I fucking hate the government. If people had to look to find me, they'd either catch me at a Music store, the Mall, Tattoo Convention, or a Roller Derby. The Dali Lama told me to start writing fanfiction. So I did.
Check it, here are my fandoms:
Glee, Skins, True Blood, Harry Potter, Degrassi, RPF, Modern Family, Castle, Lost, Mad Men, Being Human, Doctor Who, Real World, Pushing Daisies, United States of Tara,Nurse Jackie,The Big C,The Tudors,Rome,Spartacus Blood and Sand,Misfits,Robin Hood,LotS,Merlin,Rizzoli & Isles,Pushing Daisies,Dead Like Me,Lost,Weeds,Big Love, Mad Men, Ugly Betty,Chuck.

And here are my fandom pairings:
Glee: Brittany/Santana, Emma/Terri, Emma/Sue Santana/Quinn, Mercedes/Quinn, Mercedes/Puck, Mercedes/Kurt, Mercedes/Tina, Puck/Santana, Mike/Tina, Puck/Rachel, Rachel/Jessie, Rachel/Sunshine, Rachel/Quinn, Sam/Finn, Kurt/Mike, Kurt/Sam, Quinn/Finn, April Rhodes/Shelby Cochrane, Sam/Sunshine, Artie/Quinn, Finn/Tina, Will/Rachel, Will/Terri, Will/April

HP: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Fred/Angelina, George/Alicia, George/Angelina, George/Katie, Katie/Alicia, Katie/Angelina, Angelina/George, Bellatrix/Narcissa, Tonks/Lupin, Tonks/Ginny, Viktor Krum/Hermione, Bellatrix/Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa/Lucius, Hestia Jones/Rabastan Lestrange

Skins: Effy/Katie, Effy/Pandora, Pandora/Cook, Pandora/JJ, Cook/Effy, Cook/Katie, Cook/Naomi, Katie/Emily, Katie/Naomi, Effy/Emily, Effy/Naomi, Naomi/Emily, Michelle/Cassie, Cassie/Sid, Cassie/Chris, Chris/Jal, Jal/Michelle, Jal/Cassie, Sketch/Anwar, Anwar/Maxxie

Degrassi: Adam/Bianca, Adam/Fiona, Fiona/Holly J, Holly J/Anya, Eli/Clare, Clare/Fitz, Declan/Fiona, Holly J/Mia, Jane/Holly J, Alex/Paige, Alex/Ellie, Hazel/Jimmy, Hazel/Paige.

Doctor Who: 9/Rose, 10/Rose, 10/Martha, 10/Donna, Rose/Martha, 11/Amy, 10/Master, Amy/River

True Blood: Sookie/Pam, Pam/Jessica, Sophie Anne/Hadley, Mary-Anne/Tara, Tara/Sookie, Alcide/Sookie, Eric/Sookie, Jason/Tara, Tara/Sam

RPF- Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth, Allison Mosshart/Meg White, Meg White/Jack White, Allison Mosshart/Jack White, Katy Perry/Lily Allen, Ellen Page/Alia Shawkat, Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page/Olivia Thirlby, Olivia Thirlby/Kat Dennings

Claire/Charlie, Kate/Claire, Kate/Jack, Kate/Sawyer, Shannon/Sayid, Kate/Ana Lucia, Sawyer/Ana, Sun/Jin, Michael/Sun

Other: Amber Sweet/Blind Mag [Repo!], Lita Ford/Sandy West [Runaways], Harley Quinn/Joker [Batman], Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy [Batman], Batman/Catwoman [Batman], Eva Destruction/Rosa Sparks [Whip It], Bliss/Pash [Whip It], Bliss/Iron Maven [Whip It], Bloody Holly/Rosa Sparks [Whip It], Ashley/Spencer [South of Nowhere], Dylan/Helena [L Word], Alice/Dana/Lara [L Word], Bette/Tina [L Word], Tina/Helena [L Word], Helena/Alice [L Word], Ned/Chuck [Pushing Daisies], Chuck/Sarah [Chuck], Castle/Beckett [Castle]

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